Gauge Balls



Gauging Balls has universal characteristics such as self-centering , point contacts (on planes, large internal curves, other balls etc.) ,Consistent profile from every angle and uniform diameter .

Calibrated “Gauging balls can be used like Slip Gauges for inspection and high precision applications in Metrology Labs, Tools Rooms, Gauge Rooms etc. These Gauging balls can be used with intermediate measuring devices such as Clappers, Micrometers, Height Gauges, Depth Micrometers etc. for many precision measuring applications such as measurement of internal / external tapers, angles, internal / external dovetails, width & angle of V-grooves, radius of curved surfaces and many more. These can also be used for accurate calibration and checking of  ID and OD of gauges and instruments.

Gauging Balls can be provided in sets of 1.0 To 25 mm & 1.5 To 12.5 mm (in steps of 1 mm) or as loose balls in Chrome Steel or Tungsten Carbide and diameter accuracy up to + 0.25 micron and sphericity up to 0.13 micron. 

Loose Balls Loose Balls are also available from 0.5 mm to 100 mm (and equivalent inch) diameter depending up on the Grade. Price can be quoted on request. Please specify diameter, grade, material and quantity required.