Stainless Steel




We have wide Stainless range of austenitic, Martensitic and ferritic grades. Stainless steels are engineering materials with good corrosion-resistance, strength and fabrication characteristics. They can readily meet a wide range of design criteria, including load, service life and low maintenance. Selecting the proper stainless steel grades involves weighing four qualities in the following order of importance:

  1. Corrosion or Heat Resistance, the primary reason for specifying stainless. The specifier needs to know the nature of the environment and the degree of corrosion or heat resistance required.
  2. Mechanical Properties & Chemical Properties, particularly strength at room, elevated or low temperature. The combination of corrosion resistance and strength is the basis for selection.rectangular-bars
  3. Fabrication Operations and how the product will be made (e.g., forging, machining, forming, welding, stamping, roll forming, four-slide operations).
  4. Total Cost, including material and production costs and considering the cumulative savings of a maintenance-free product with longevity.


We have the following stainless steel grades which are extensively used in Medical, Aerospace & Oil & Gas Industry :-

SS 17-4 PH, SS316LVM, S316L, SS302, SS303, SS304, SS310, SS410, SS420, SS440, SS455PH, SS465PH

Nitronic 60, Nitronic 50, HIGH Nitrogen