We  are stockists & distributors of Titanium,  stainless steel , Special Alloys, Cobalt Chrome,  Aluminum etc. which are widely  used in Medical devices (Instruments and Implants) , Aerospace Industry, Oil & Gas Industries,   Automobile & General  industries.  We also provide original Mill Test Certificate which can be used for the traceability.

Stainless steel grades, Special Alloys, Titanium, Aluminum etc. in various shapes and forms like rounds bars, wires, tubes and flat stocks.

Materials that can be supplied include all types of stainless steels, CP titanium of different grades, titanium alloys, CoCrMo  alloys and various specialty materials for implants and instruments.

Standard Engineering products such as springs, gage balls, dowel pins, threaded stocks, screws, bolts, nuts, washers , spacers, bushings , welding gloves, retaining rings, bearings, eye bolts,  cutting tools and other standard engineering products.

All products are available in Round, Flat, Tube & wire forms

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